Adds Alvarez of the faith-affirming title: “If there’s ever been a season where we need miracles, it’s right now. I don’t care how much money you have, you can’t reach a miracle on your own. It’s an extension of God’s hand through your hands…Even before I was famous and hit rock bottom, I was living a ‘downhill fast’ lifestyle. I grew up in gangs, was married by age 14, had my first son at 15 and then used music as my escape. Now I’ve been married 43 years, my daughter is 45 and I have two grandchildren. We adopted two boys from a crack house, then a girl who was being molested and raped by her brother-in-law in Columbia then a little girl from a Romanian orphanage. That’s the real deal and those are real miracles!”


In addition to aspects of that extraordinary testimony permeating the project, Time For Miracles abounds with praises, ranging from the acoustically escalating “Everlasting Love” and the soulful “You’re Beautiful,” through the groove-saturated “Te Quiero” and the theatrical “Como No Creer.” The project also boasts a pair of prominent guest stars, including ultra-smooth up-and-comer Osmond Collins (“Miracles,” “The Great I Am”) and fellow “Miracles” collaborator Kory-o of Sugar Hill Gang fame (the group responsible for “Rapper’s Delight,” who scored the entire genre’s first ever Top 40 hit on Billboard Hot 100!)


“I never knew him back in the day, but we came out of the same record company, and like me, he was a real gangster and thug,” reveals Alvarez. “His wife gave her life to Jesus and one day they came to church and God saved him too. He’s in our congregation now and training to be a pastor to start a church in Miami. Even more than music, I love raising men and women up for ministry and we have people from our churches that have since branched out all over the world!”


While Alvarez remains committed to his primary responsibility as a pastor, he’s also committed to taking Time For Miracles to the masses, which given his extensive pedigree in such a wide swath of creative circles, shouldn’t be a problem. “I also have such an amazing band, and I’m not talking about a nice little praise team, but a group where the Sprit comes upon us and it’s unstoppable,” he asserts. “I don’t say that boastfully, but we’ve been together a long time and this album can’t even touch what we do live. They aren’t just musicians playing, but it’s a true love connection where the chemistry’s just right.”


Whether it’s a dedicated music aficionado looking to be uplifted, a dedicated believer seeking unabashed worship, the downtrodden and defeated literally down to their last inch of rope or literally anyone in between, Time For Miracles has the extraordinary ability to meet listeners exactly where they’re at without ever losing sight of its core focus. “God’s greatest asset is transparency and He’s not afraid to show who he really is,” sums up Alvarez. “Nothing in the Bible is hidden, which is why I don’t have a problem sharing each and every dirty detail of my life. My life is amazing now that I’m saved and I hope that being honest about all I’ve been though can potentially help someone else.”


# # #